Withdrawal Agreement Bill Result

But Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would oppose the law and that there was «a better and fairer way» to leave the EU. However, Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay said the bill would fulfill the «overwhelming mandate» given to his party in the general election to take the UK out of the EU on January 31. MPs gave their final support to the bill that will implement the UK government`s Brexit deal. The British government passed the bill by a majority of 340 to 263, despite vehement opposition from former prime ministers and members of the Conservative Party. Critics have called the law a violation of international law. The bill also loses an earlier provision to strengthen workers` rights. On the amendment of the bill, which would legally prohibit the government from having the transition period at over 31 years. Extending December 2020, Blackford said: «By setting this deadline, the risk of a no-deal Brexit that we all fear is back on the table.» Today`s vote means that MPs have endorsed the general principles of the law and are now moving on to the «committee phase»,» where a more detailed review takes place. Here is a guide to what happens next on Parliament`s website. If the next steps in Westminster go as planned, the European Parliament is expected to ratify the withdrawal agreement on January 29, paving the way for Britain`s exit from the bloc two days later.

He said he did not intend to invoke the powers of the law and that a new agreement could be reached with the EU. I abstained today in the vote on the withdrawal law. From last week`s results, it has become clear that the public wants us to continue with Brexit. Instead of opposing the law, Labour must now try to improve it The bill in question suggested that the UK government should be able to override the withdrawal agreement reached with the EU with regard to trade between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland. The bill includes «divorce payments» to the EU, citizens` rights, customs arrangements for Northern Ireland and the planned 11-month transition period. This ensures that the UK will remain in line with EU conventions on climate, environment and workers` rights in a future trade deal. MPs are now voting on the proposed program, which sets the timeline for introducing the bill by Jan. 31. .