What Is A Reasonable Settlement Agreement

They generally apply when the employer does not want to go through a potentially long and lengthy process, such as a performance review or a full dismissal process before they can resign. If you already have discrimination issues or have filed a complaint, the employer may want to avoid a complaint of constructive dismissal and/or discrimination. It is imperative that your employer agrees to provide you with a cheap job offer that is attached to the settlement agreement (even if it is only a factual reference). This is because employers are not otherwise required by law to provide a reference and may not feel inclined to do so if you are walking under a cloud. Similarly, there should be a provision in the agreement that prevents your employer from singing to you badly after you leave (and you will almost certainly have to agree to a similar delay). James Johnson was incredibly supportive and gave very good advice. He was able to use his knowledge and gracious approach to bring me the regulations I needed when I was no longer employed. I would recommend it to anyone in similar circumstances. He is professional and approachable and certainly gets results.