Tolling Agreement Quebec

However, the new Code of Civil Procedure now seems to allow toll agreements: imagine, for example, a car accident in which someone is run over by another driver, the person who is hit, who is the plaintiff because he would have the right to do so. The person she met would be the interviewee. They may live in a state where the statute of limitations for a car accident is one year. A statute of limitations is a law that states that you must take legal action within a set period of time. Imagine, however, that the plaintiff and the defendant wanted to try to solve the problem outside the court system, for example. B by a transaction, but they failed to reach an agreement within a year. If they want to keep working on it and they don`t have to worry about having to file a file, they can sign a toll agreement. In 2014, Times Travel filed an action for recovery of commissions and other payments due under previous agreements. PIAC relied, among other things, on the waiver of Times Travel (the agreement equivalent to the transaction of the Civil Code of Quebec). .

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