Sponsorship Agreement Form Deakin

2 Respect the privacy of other students and collaborators 2.1 The Humanitarian Leadership Programme/ Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership encourages students and teachers to reflect and share their professional experience. Students should contribute to all group learning activities in a manner consistent with the principles of self-directed collaborative learning and learning that underpin the deakin curriculum. 2.2 In the learning environment, other students may entrust you with personal and private information that they would not otherwise disclose. Some of them may relate to situations they have faced in the workplace that could damage the reputation of the student or their former or current employer. 2.3 Any personal or professional information disclosed during the course must be treated with sensitivity and respect. It is a breach of privacy to discuss the details of this information outside the boundaries of the online simulation units or course or to use this information in a way that could harm the reputation or career of another student. 2.4 Any material breach of this instruction shall result in disciplinary action and possible exclusion from the course. Upon admission to Deakin, personal data collected as part of the application process is part of your student data and is managed in accordance with Deakin`s Privacy Policy for Students in www.deakin.edu.au/students/enrolment-fees-and-money/enrolments/student-information-privacy. Please note that your academic results and services are provided only to you and are not communicated to your employer, even if they make a scholarship available to you without your consent. If your agreement with your employer is temporary or informal, you can also simply make your invoice available to your employer and they can make the payment on your behalf.

The notification of cessation of sponsorship must be received on or before the census date of the study period, in order for the end of the study period to take effect. If a third party wishes to pay your course fee directly to Deakin, they must complete a sponsorship form. A sponsorship agreement only applies to the course, duration and amount of the sponsorship indicated on the signed sponsorship contract form. All changes require the completion of a new sponsorship contract form. The Promoter is responsible for all fees indicated until the end of the Sponsorship Agreement or the date of termination of the Sponsorship Agreement, if the Sponsorship Agreement is terminated prematurely. As part of the selection procedure, Deakin will disclose your personal data to the extent necessary to verify your qualifications or experience. Deakin University manages the personal data it holds, including requests for access by individuals to their personal data, in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic). You have the right to access your personal data held by the university….