Delaware Tech Transfer Agreements

The information in the following pages is intended to facilitate the passage of graduates associated with bachelor`s degrees through the Degree Connected program. Related contracts are program-to-program transfer agreements. Another term for transfer contracts is the articulation contract. For the transfer of an individual course to or from Delaware Tech, an equivalency advice is offered. Students should consult their counsellor or the host institution`s admissions service to learn how to apply a transferable course to their main requirements and to set the age limits for acceptable courses. The decision to apply transfer credits to a particular minor or minor and the age limits for acceptable courses are determined by the receiving institution. File Dual Admissions Intent Form no later than 45 transferable college credits and hold a minimum GPA of 2.0 (or more for some programs) benefits include: File Dual Admission Intent to Enroll before Abschluss 30 College Transferable Credits Dual Admission Dual Admission Agreement guarantees admission to partner school and can also guarantee admission to a particular bachelor`s degree. Students must be associated with the arts, associated with fine arts, associated with science or associates in applied science. All da DA agreements offer defined benefit scholarships and waiver of application fees. Students from Delaware Technical and Community College who go to Delaware State University are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. To qualify for the scholarship, transferor students must have obtained an associate degree with an average of at least 2.5 and enroll in DSU with at least a 12-point course program.

The free transfer evaluation maximizes your transfer. Our long-standing partnership with Delaware Tech benefits DTCC graduates! Increase the value of your DTCC training by applying these credits to a WilmU license available near you or 100% online. We work with you to maximize your transfer and savings. Your academic advisor can help you choose courses that meet the requirements of your transfer institution while meeting your Brookdale graduation needs. Other (less specific) agreements are on the left. Agreements vary and students should look at them carefully. If you plan to switch to one of these employees when you complete your associate degree at Delaware County Community College, you should contact one of our transfer advisors. If you are not eligible for the open degree program and wish to obtain admission to university, you can apply for admission as part of the normal university admission procedure.