Author Agreement Form Phytomedicine

5. Ethical consent: all manuscripts that report on the results of experimental examinations on human subjects must contain a statement confirming that informed consent has been collected by each subject or guardian of each subject. The experimental protocol for all animal or human studies should be approved by a local ethics committee and carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the National Institutes of Health for Animal Care. Statement of Interest All authors must disclose all financial and personal relationships with other individuals or organizations that may influence their work inappropriately (biased). Examples of potentially competing interests include employment, consulting firms, stock ownership, fees, testimony from paid experts, patent/registration applications and grants, or other financing. Authors must disclose all interests in two places: 1. A summary statement of interest in the cover file (if double blind) or in the manuscript file (if a single blind person). If there is no interest to declare, say: «Declarations of interest: none.» This summary statement will eventually be published if the article is accepted. 2. Detailed information as part of a separate declaration of interest that is part of the journal`s official records. It is important that potential interests are reported in both locations and that the information is consistent.

More information. Mathematical formulas Please send mathematical equations as editable text and not as images. If possible, present simple formulas in accordance with normal text and use Solidus (/) instead of a horizontal line for small breaking terms, z.B X/Y. In principle, the variables are in italics. E forces are often described more comfortably by exp. All equations that need to be displayed separately from the converging text (if explicitly mentioned in the text). 3) Plant name and herbarium number: all plants studied must be identified by a botanist, a specimen must be kept in the herbarium of the scientific organization concerned and a «herbarium number» must be indicated. It is worth mentioning which parts of the plants were used.

The right scientific nomenclature should be used. For correct scientific plant names, reliable databases, including and/or the International Botanical Nomenclature Code ( should be verified. The scientific name (in italics), the author of this name and the family must be indicated. Open access Please visit our open access page for more information. Preprints Please note that preprints can be shared anytime and anywhere, in accordance with Elsevier`s authorization policy. The output of your z.B. preprints on a Preprint server does not count as a previous publication (for more information, see «Multiple, redundant or simultaneous publication»). Mini-review article on a relevant topic can be submitted. The length of the mini-assessments should not exceed half of a full review manuscript. It should also contain a maximum of 1-3 tables and or numbers, 50-100 references and few (at least 1 or 2) references from the authors of the article.

Problems can be controversial in nature or address a more concentrated area than those that are generally dealt with as part of a review. 6. Paternity Changes: The directive concerns the addition, deletion or reorganization of author`s names in the authorship of accepted manuscripts as follows: Peer review This journal engages in a single process of anonymized examination.